Christmas is coming

Thank you for your efforts this week. We countdown to the Christmas break. We have a couple of weeks to go at the end of a long long term. I know that it isn’t easy to get up and out and into school every day but the overwhelming majority of pupils do so with good humour and a great desire to do the right thing with other children and our staff body. For that I thank you all!

You may well be looking towards the Christmas break with some trepidation. It’s that time of year when there are significant pressures on families and those without families. There are pressures imposed upon us by the commercial world: encouragement to spend far too much money on stuff we (or they – those we buy presents for) probably don’t even want.

I say that this week as many of you will be thinking about going out and buying those Christmas presents. We had Black Friday last week and, as I implored, I hope many of you managed to avoid or dodge the nonsense last weekend brought. However, there will be some of you going out and sorting those Christmas presents this weekend. If you are doing so, as I will be, have a careful think about what is needed and necessary rather than just what is desired.

As I look towards Christmas I now try to think about what experiences we might have, especially as a family. Coming together for some quality time; quietly and away from the hustle and bustle of school is what is most important to me.

It may have taken some time to get to this point but I’m absolutely determined not to buy or to receive tat this Christmas period. I really just don’t want that. It’s the time to spend some time with people.

As we dash towards the Christmas break, take some time for you and your families and think about how you’re going to manage getting and making that quality time available, for your family and friends, over the break. A break that’s now on the horizon.

‘A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.’ Garrison Keillor

Another week has gone by without mentioning the election!