Embracing Change

I know I can’t get through this week’s message without reflecting, to some degree, on the momentous election results. Whichever way you lean, politically, there can be no doubt that a significant change took place on Thursday/Friday.

As you would know, it is incumbent upon me, in my role, and the education system more widely to retain neutrality, which means we all are careful not to be drawn into party politics – whatever we may think and act upon in our personal lives. But it is not party political to observe and embrace the significance of Thursday/Friday’s results.

This landslide Labour party victory, built on a platform of calling for change, means the government has, it seems, a mandate for delivering change across a whole range of areas which will affect our lives. That will overtime hopefully positively impact upon the education system and our communities. I look forward to developing and sharing our vision for what education should look like in our schools, in the college and across our community. We will meet the prospect of an energetic and effective programme of reform and rebuilding with a spirit of optimism and constructive collaboration. That will happen through the locality offer and through national educational policy.

Whilst talking about change, it’s all change in our schools. Transition starts this coming Monday. And our new Year Threes and Year Sevens embark on the next stage of their educational journeys. They will be embracing change! It’ll be very difficult for them all, to varying degrees, but they and their parents know that they will make those steps in a caring, supportive, positive and purposeful structure, and into an environment which is full of caring and supportive professionals. Their excitement will be tangible; let’s hold onto that, build upon that and celebrate that.

And, apologies, I have resisted commenting on the football for so long but maybe Mr Southgate will embrace change this weekend; playing a different format, liberating the talented youth and bringing some joy to the country. The England team are due a decent performance. Time isn’t on the team’s side; it’s now or never. We’ve had a momentous election, riddled with some poor performances, maybe the England men’s football team can provide another momentous period in our history, after those poor performances thus far.

‘The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance’. Alan Watts