Bring me sunshine

We are close to being halfway through this half term and with the sun shining, the Euros in full swing and the cricket going well, it feels like that summer might just be around the corner. That’s a strange thing to be saying on midsummer day (the longest day), but that’s how the weather has been this year and, to be fair, how the weather is most years. Real summer weather doesn’t really come until later in June, through July into August. Climate, meteorology and the calendar don’t necessarily converge.

I wrote last week about some of the things we might smile about. We might not be here, one week later, feeling that happy with the football, but there have been plenty of good things to enjoy throughout this week. I know that the Eid celebrations went off wonderfully well and many families and friends enjoyed a day or two of reflection and rejoicing. As the sun is due to shine this weekend and temperatures seem to be on the rise into next week, we are reminded to make sure that we apply sun lotion. It’s concerning to know that some sun cream manufacturers do not seem to offer the protection the SPF would suggest. I think that the advice is, whatever the sun cream you use, apply it regularly.

It’s the point in the year when we are looking two ways at the same time.  Forwards and backwards, if you like. We are working hard to prepare our schools and the college for the new arrivals. We have our new year threes, new year sevens and new year 12s visiting us in the next week. In addition to that we’ve got parents coming along for their initial meetings with the school and the college. It’s all very exciting for them – remember for them all it will be the first time that they will make that transition, even though we manage it every year. We, therefore, offer advice, support and guidance but with understanding and compassion.

Equally, we are looking back at those charges who have left, or are about to leave us. It is a period of deep reflection. We’ll see all the good that we’ve done and reflect upon the odd mistake or two. The challenge for us all is to try to think back to when that pupil/student arrived. It’s only in that way that we can truly track the progress they have made, as young people or young adults. I’d advise that we all try to find opportunities to look back at where our children and young people came from. In doing that, we get a sense of the progress that they have made.  Watching a child or young person grow and mature is like watching the hour hand of a clock; we know it’s moving but we can’t just see it. It’s only when we turn away and look back with those clear eyes that we see all that they and we have achieved.  We know that there is always more that we can and should do but we must take the opportunity, just periodically, and it seems like now is one of those moments, to consider or positively reflect upon the work that we do and the impact our endeavours make.

‘Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you’. Unknown

‘Bring me sunshine’ Written by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee

Enjoy the sun this weekend, make sure you apply that sun cream, and we look forward to saying goodbye and saying welcome.