May Day

I should start with an apology today. I’m sorry. I missed last week, in my ramblings, the news that Rotherham Titans (our town’s rugby club) had just been promoted. Slowly but surely, they are making their way back up the rugby pyramid and hopefully very soon they’ll be back in the premiership. Around 20 years ago when they were playing premiership rugby it was great for the town, it was great for the club and, I would argue, it was great for rugby – to have a broader base of clubs playing at the top level.

Thank you, Mrs Elliott, for pointing that out to me.

We’ve got a decent long weekend to look forward to. It’s not quite the weather we might expect for a May Day Bank Holiday but the extra weekend day, on Monday, will feel extremely valuable.

We probably haven’t got it right across the country with our bank holidays right now. We seem to go months without a public holiday and then, like the proverbial buses, three come along at once. We have Easter Monday, followed by May Day, followed by Whit Monday; all in just six short weeks.

We shouldn’t really complain, but it seems that a review of the bank holiday timings, across the year, might be timely. The difficulty comes in considering which bank holiday might shift. This bank holiday, May Day, is very important to some people. It was established as a worker’s day and is recognised across the world as International Workers Day. There are some people who hold onto that those origins, very strongly, and would not want to lose a day which is a recognition and celebration of the plight of all working people throughout the centuries.

A strange inspiration I grant you but…

‘I think holidays come in all sizes – sometimes you just need to relax’. Kate Garraway

We will take it. Will enjoy it. And when we return, on Tuesday, we are well over halfway through this incredibly busy half term. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.