Spend wisely

Another week passes and we shuffle ever closer to the extended Christmas / New Year break. All of our staff, children and young people are putting their ‘backs’ into his long run in. We have lots to complete, lots to do and it’s a long one, that’s for sure, but we’ll get there and we’ll be in good shape when we do make it through.
Many of you will be enjoying/suffering buying your presents for your friends and family. The next couple of weekends may see you out and about. Alternatively you may be buying from the comfort of your armchair. I haven’t got my head around pressies just yet. Not quite waiting for Christmas Eve but, as we’ve just hit December, maybe another week or so.
It is a time to be cautious though. There may be the temptation to overspend or to make that impulsive purchase, that’s then regretted. Take care. Be thoughtful and judicious in your searches and purchases.
And in the spirit of support I’d like to share with you some purchases you might like to avoid. Buyer beware!