Tough Times

The exam season is now over and we move into a very different period in the school and college calendar. I do recognise that some internal examinations are going to take place in the coming weeks, but those external exams have now been completed and we look forward to the August results.

I usually like to keep these weekly messages as upbeat as possible, but this week I thought it appropriate just to touch on the issues around the economy and the rising interest and high inflation rate.

As we sit at the heart of our communities we are acutely aware of the pressures placed upon our families, in respect or their work. We value our families. We value our community. We are in the people business.

However, over the last few months, we have seen further evidence to suggest that many of us will be finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. We cannot interfere in or solve personal problems, but we will offer support wherever we can. It is important that our parents, carers, pupils and students reach out to us when they feel that we can help. For pupils and students there may be resources we can use; including student bursaries at TRC.  Even if we cannot directly help we may know of organisations or can ‘signpost’ offers of support, so please do let us know, in confidence, of the challenges you are facing.

Many of you will know someone in our systems very well; be that a tutor, teacher or other member of staff. They will all be a decent ear to talk to or shoulder to lean into.

Can I reassure you that as an employer we are doing all that we can to support our staff body? We want to ensure they all feel supported too. A happy workforce will be more able to support and challenge the children and young people we work with.

The rising interest rates and the continuingly very high inflation rates do put a pressure on all of us. As trust, as schools and as a college we cannot control that, but we can and will do whatever we can to mitigate and support.

‘Geese always support each other. When a goose gets injured two birds always accompany it down to the ground. Just as geese do, we must support each other’. Emma Hayes