The little things do make a big difference

It’s been a long old haul. This year, the disjointed and disconnected run from January through to the Easter break, has been something of a challenge. With snow and industrial action possibly making it more difficult this year, than usual, for the pupils and students, for parents and for the staff. And in addition, we look to our friends and colleagues as they face the annual personal challenges through Ramadan. I offer those friends, colleagues and the wider community my very best wishes, throughout Islam’s holy month. Setting that alongside and in parallel with the Christian period of Lent, running up to the Christian holy period of Easter, brings those two significant global religions more closely together this year. There is some symmetry in performing / adhering to the strictures of Ramadan and of Lent; bringing a sense of self-discipline and moderation. I admire you all.


It seems to me then, as we have had such a challenging period of time, that this week the message ought to endeavour to be a little lighter, a little brighter. And in that vein my attention was brought this week to the use of the word in print and how minor errors can make for significant misunderstanding or mis-meaning; they can make a significant difference. Many headlines with mis-prints are to be found in a snappily titled book ‘A steroid hit the Earth’. This offers us some catastrophic misprints, usually found at that very old-fashioned medium of newspaper print. I set out below some of those alleged headlines. To be honest I don’t have a source material and so I cannot verify them, but they do provide some mildly amusing lines .


And, in thinking about how something very small can result in a significant change or difference, I turn back to Ramadan and Lent. Both of those periods of self-discipline are built upon the premise that making a small change can make a significant difference, either in meaning, intent or outcome. And to a degree, that’s what Ramadan or Lent is all about. In following those strictures, each of us is encouraged to take an opportunity to reflect upon who we are, what we do, our intentions and we are encouraged to evidence reflection and resilience. In doing so we may make a small change, which can make a significant difference to ourselves or to others.


Whatever discipline you’re having to evidence or endure, I wish you well.



‘Police chase getaway cat for 40 miles.’


‘Man found dead in graveyard.’


‘Mine strike ballet to go ahead.’


‘Panda mating fails – vet takes over.’


‘Drunk gets nine months in violin case.’


‘Stolen painting found by tree.’


‘Miners refuse to work after death.’


‘Police shoot man with knife.’