We count down the days until the very well-earned half term break. This is a long half term. I also know that there’ve been quite a few bugs around and about, which have knocked some people back. That absence can affect us all.

It’s an appropriate time, therefore, to be celebrating World Mental Health Day – as we did on Monday. Within the UK that’s framed as ‘#HelloYellow’, not the Donovan classic Mellow Yellow. If many of us are frank, the idea of wearing anything that’s bright yellow, causes us a feeling of utter dread. It’s a statement therefore of the collective feeling we hold in supporting the national and global agenda. An agenda which encourages us all to be much more open in talking about the issues some of us face with our mental health. That so many wore those garish outfits or items speaks volumes about our collective desire to care.

I’ve used this medium to discuss our institutional and trust support for supporting children, young people and adults with their mental health and well-being. I do know that an individual’s state of being cannot and will not shift as a result of a few fine words from me or anyone else (including the new Prince and Princess of Wales – but good on ‘em for continuing to make it a discussion point). However, by being willing to talk or write these words we might just change something for that one individual – if so, then it’s worth it! We work to create a narrative and environment where those who are truly struggling can talk, ask for help, guidance and support.

What the #HelloYellow campaign does is encourage a debate / discussion which may encourage, in turn, individuals to reflect upon their own mental health and well-being. I do think that we are more caring at a societal level. That’s important and necessary. We all know that building our own strategies, which will allow us to become more resilient is important. It’s just that sometimes some of us need some support in developing the strategies, identifying one’s own resilience and regulating one’s feelings. As has been said before, if we were to pursue discussing any physical ailment mostly, but not always, we’d be happy to share. Not always so with our mental health.

Thank you for your support for our children, young people and for each other. I remind you all of our commitment to supporting you as you find ways to support yourself.

‘There is no blue without yellow and without orange’. Vincent Van Gogh