Have a lovely summer break

This is the shortest of messages as you’ll not be wanting to read any guff from me as you gallop off into your summer break.
I write to say thank you. Thank you for being just amazing this most difficult of years for Oakwood High School. The challenges of the last few days have reminded us of what we do collectively. It’s when things are tough that we see the mettle of those we work with – resilience.
Despite the enormous challenges the school has continued to go from strength to strength. Having had the pleasure of continuing to spend time in your midst you continue to be welcoming and friendly – thank you for that. I have observed, at close quarters, the overwhelming commitment to each and every child; however they present. You do that as a staff body, as one. That’s what makes the difference. The children arriving each and every day are welcomed into the Oakwood family. They know that, they feel that.
And we won’t mention Ofsted (just because that shouldn’t determine whether we believe we are doing a good job or not) but if we did … amazing!
Go off into that summer break knowing that it is well earned, it is necessary and that you can rest easy knowing that you have been part of something very special. Most of you will be returning in September. I hope then that you are well rested and ready for the incredible challenges next year will bring.
For now, take care, thank you once again and enjoy the summer break.