Consistency is key

I hope that you have enjoyed the 48 hours of warm weather. Although it’s not been as sunny as might have been expected it has been pretty warm.

By the time you read this it is likely to be much cooler and probably much wetter. Typical for the British summer time? Undoubtedly the climate is changing around the world and we see evidence of that here in the UK. I’m not sure that the weather this week is evidence of that change or not. But it did create a certain degree of disturbance, an upsetting of the equilibrium somewhat.

Is it really about change? I’m not sure that we are conditioned to accept, understand or even be able to cope with change. There are some things we can control, then there are some things that we can’t control. When the weather (not climate – old geography teacher in me) shifts dramatically, as it did this week, it does create some difficulties for us as individuals and as communities. But it seems that it is the sense of things not being as they were, or how we perceived they should be, that creates a greater challenge.

We see that in politics, we see that in our communities, we see that in our work with children and young people. At school or college if we are consistent in our approach and we deliver in a manner and an approach that they are familiar and comfortable with we tend to find that they are much more relaxed and able to focus much more clearly on the work that has been set. If we ‘change it up’ on occasions, as we might choose to do to just create a little more spark, we see some differences in our children and young people. If we do make those changes in a controlled and planned manner we can plan for the consequential effect on our charges. That’s a good thing and should be encouraged and welcomed. It’s inconsistencies and unplanned changes or a lack of routine which can cause difficulties for our children and young people. In a sense, that’s the first rule of working with youngsters; remain consistent and develop strong routines. Within that context children and young people, even adults, know where the parameters are set, know what they can do and get away with and, as a consequence, feel comfortable. It’s in that context that we see rapid improvement and growth. I would plead with you, as parents and carers, that you support us as we apply that rigour. We do it because we know it works and it’s fair. It only becomes untenable if we don’t get your fullest support.

I will be encouraging all of my colleagues, all of the staff, to ensure that they work in a consistent manner, with routines well established – especially as we rattle towards the end of what has been a long academic year.

‘Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come’. Dwayne Johnson
‘Relationships feed on credibility, honesty, and consistency’. Scott Borchetta

They will throw something in every now and again which upsets the equilibrium and encourages those sparks. It is only when we do that within the context of firm foundations and well-drawn parameters do we then see inspirational outcomes and transformational behaviours. The 6Ps: proper planning prevents a particular poor performance.