Inspire Trust

Thank you!

It’s been a tough half term but it’s been absolutely wonderful to see so many of our children and young people engage so positively with their education despite the difficulties we’ve all faced. Pupils and students from across the two schools and the college have all been productively and positively working together.

I hope that our work has emphasised who we are as a Trust, what we are about and how each of our institutions plays their part in ensuring that we stay true to who we are, what our values, our vision, our principles are.

Inspire Trust is committed to… Educational Social Responsibility

I set out today a clear position statement. There was nothing new in this, it is who we are. We don’t drift in the wind; not even today. We stay focused on what we know to be true, what we believe in.

‘Together, within this multi academy trust, we will work to inspire learners to achieve, for today, for tomorrow and into the future’ 

Underpinning this ethos, Inspire Trust has embedded a set of common values that are believed in and shared, by the staff, pupils/students, and trustees.

Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflection, Risk taking and Relationships

We will all stay true to these principles and any decisions that we take will be decisions which are rooted in our strong educational ethos.

I regard it as a privilege to work with and for this community and I do believe we all have a duty to do the very best by the children and young people and community which we serve. We must be transformational with and for our colleagues, our pupils, our students, our community.

We promote and protect our values.

‘Each person can make a difference and everyone one must try’

                                                                                                Bobby Kennedy

Whatever you are doing this next week, over half term, and I recognise that some of you will still be working, I hope that it is a pleasant week and that, if you can, you’ll find time to rest-up, relax and enjoy something of a break.