Not New Order

Those of you who have had to read, or even endure, my missives over the years may feel I’m a little premature today if I discuss Blue Monday. Can I just say that there is no obligation to read this Friday message; you won’t be tested on it!

As I have written in the past, Blue Monday is usually the third Monday in January and it is claimed that it is the most depressing day of the year; although depending upon who you are and what you do / desire there may well be other more depressing days – those who follow English cricket will concur! However, we should note and as I think I have discussed over the last couple of years, the concept of Blue Monday is an artificial construct.

It seems that this concept was invented in the early 21st century by travel companies to entice people to book their summer holidays. Clearly as we live through the cold, wet, dark and dismal January days, which just seem to go on far too long, we can suffer somewhat. And so … “go on just book that beautiful summer break to a sunny, happy, holiday destination”.

It might just work.

Well if it does, or even it doesn’t, I’m keen on framing Monday 17th January 2022 in a different way. The Samaritans have the idea. They want to turn the third Monday of January into a more positive: Brew Monday – encouraging people to make a cup of tea and have a chat with someone they care about. That could be face-to-face or equally it would be as valuable on the phone or online.

It’s absolutely clear that things aren’t as bad  in January 2022 as they seemed in January 2021 however, we aren’t out of the Covid woods yet and it would be understandable if people did feel that, at this time of year, there wasn’t a great deal to look forward to. We are in the midst of the full omicron crisis and staff, pupil and student attendance has and is causing us some difficulties. Yet we all soldier on. So, go on, take the opportunity on Monday to hook up with somebody that you care about, make them a brew- and it doesn’t have to be tea, coffee will do! Let’s make it a Brew Monday to prevent it becoming the Blue Monday.

‘Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.’ Letitia Baldrige

‘Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.’ Chaim Potok

This weekend is the opportunity to do something really positive, get out and enjoy some of the very early spring air. Prepare yourselves for the weeks ahead and we’ll get through this together.