Take some time

As we rattle towards the end of term and the end of another, what we might euphemistically call, a very interesting academic year we will all be taking the opportunity to look forward to what the summer might bring. That’s right and very natural. Whatever you do and whatever your connectivity with the schools or college, you will have all earned a very decent summer break. I do hope that you will take the opportunity to leave, when you can, whatever work you do behind for a sustained period of time. That means not looking at emails as much as not doing more substantial pieces of work-related activity. When the break comes it will be well deserved and well earned by us all.

The end of the academic year does, also, nudge us into some moments of reflection. We will, no doubt, look back at, not only the year academic year we’ve just had, but the past couple of calendar and academic years. For some of you this may well bring to mind professional and/or personal challenges, difficulties and even losses. Nothing spoken will change our recent history but I do think that it is important that we do not lose what we’ve learned over the last couple of years. We have learnt much more about ourselves, our schools, our college, our communities and our country. Depending upon your personal experiences some of those reflections on those experiences will be positive, some will be negative, all will be visceral.

Take time to reflect, take time to remember and reach out to somebody when you need to.

‘The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future.’ Philip Emeagwali