For some the end of an era

Unusually it’s been a day of goodbyes. In some cases, those goodbyes have been in absentium, in some cases they have been virtual and, in most cases, they have been in the flesh, with tears and all. Usually we experience these days much later in the year, but the post COVID assessment and examination grading scenario makes for an alternative end to the year – for some.

Because it has been such a difficult couple of years, which has made the educational experience and transition particularly difficult and very different, but there seems to have been a greater degree of poignancy this last few days. More emotion than we might otherwise see as our pupils and students transition away from us.

And that brings me to the staff; the adults. As you know, better than most, any educational institution is only as good as the people who do the job on the ground, day in and day out. It’s not about OFSTED or local authorities or multi academy trusts or CEOs, it’s actually about the staff and how they interact with the children, young people and parents and carers. I have the privilege of working with some absolutely amazing people. However difficult things might be, our staff members understand that it’s the child and young person, the individual, that needs seeing in the fog of all the other issues that might prevail, at any given time.

We’ll all be reflecting upon time that passes; how that child has grown and matured; how there’s a sense of a chapter closing. Most of our children and young people are pretty special. Whatever their background, their disposition, their personal histories the overwhelming majority of children and young people do want to do well; do want to get it right; do want to make a contribution. We mustn’t believe the hype. This isn’t a lost generation; a generation of ne’er-do-wells; ‘the youth aren’t as they were in ‘my day’ nonsense. Great young people are great young people whatever the era. And what do those great young people need? – a great staff body. And so, as we start the half term, I publicly offer my thanks for all that the staff have done and all that they will continue do, for all of those children and young people who will follow.

As I have said innumerable times – we are in the people business.

‘Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it’. Trey Parker

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and, if you are on holiday or away from work next week, enjoy the long wished for sun and warmth.