Valentine’s Day

We’ve got to the end of another half term. This past six weeks has been pretty good on the whole. The weather hasn’t been too bad; notwithstanding the odd storm, strong winds, sleet showers, downpours and so on and so on. Pretty typical for this time of year I guess.

We know that by the time we get to St Valentine’s Day and then pancake day (two things to look forward to depending upon your inclination) that we really are starting to feel a difference metrologically and within the rhythms of school life.

There is something about the concept of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. We can see that light now, however distant, and we know that there is a direction of travel and an ultimate destination.

As we move through the next few weeks and months we should not just focus on where we are going, but as when planning all great journeys, it is necessary to think about how we are going to get there and then we can, importantly, enjoy the journey itself.

To some degree, working in schools should be similar to one of life‘s great train journeys. The destination in itself is worth the journey and the journey itself is worth the time and travel. One should endeavour to lift one’s head up, look around enjoy the landscape and enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Working in schools is difficult enough as it is and it can become unmanageable if all we are doing is lurching from one natural break (holiday) to the next. That’s no way to live one’s life and that’s no way to enjoy one’s career.

And as it’s the end of the half term let’s have some general stupidity to see us on our way with a smile on our faces. Thinking about those two special days it might be worth revisiting some of the other ‘special’ days we might have missed this past week alone.

February 6

Canadian Maple Syrup Day

International Frozen Yogurt Day

Lame Duck Day

Play Monopoly Day

February 7

Bubble Gum Day

Periodic Table Day

Harry Potter Book Night

Working Naked Day (!)

February 8

Laugh and Get Rich Day

February 9

Read in the Bathtub Day

Toothache Day

Pizza Day

World Marriage Day

February 10

Clean Out Your Computer Day

Umbrella Day

February 11

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Satisfied Staying Single Day

White Shirt or White T-shirt Day

Get Out Your Guitar Day

Inventors Day

February 12

Safety Pup Day

February 13

Get a Different Name Day

Desperation Day

And the special day itself!

February 14 

Valentine’s Day

No One Eats Alone Day

Ferris Wheel Day

International Book Giving Day

Pet Theft Awareness Day

Library Lovers Day

Have a Heart Day

Singles’ Awareness Day

Quirky Alone Day

Women in Blue Jeans Day