A taste of the Wolf of Wall Street

A taste of the Wolf of Wall Street


Economics and Business students at TRC got a taste of the “Wolf of Wall Street” when they joined the Student Investor Challenge.


The Student Investor Challenge, run by The London Institute of Banking & Finance, challenges teams of school and college students to invest virtual money on the London Stock Exchange and trade stocks and shares to make a profit.  Teams were required to buy and sell shares in FTSE 100 companies and make trades at strategic points to make the most cash.


Almost 40,000 students entered the competition and eight students from TRC have reached the grand final by being in the top 250 teams. They must now compete again, predicting changes in the stock market, like real traders and have a chance of winning an all-expenses paid trip to New York.


Catherine Winter, Managing Director of Financial Capability at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, says:

“This competition is a powerful way of engaging young people with how the finance sector works and relating it to everyday life.

“The movement of stocks and shares, currency fluctuations and central bank activities can feel quite remote and difficult to get to grips with. By bringing it to life through a trading game, young people have proved they can grasp how economies work and the basics of investment. So, congratulations to the semi-finalists for making the top 500, it’s a great achievement!”