The Election

Having avoided, week on week, the election…

I know that many of you will have voted this past few days. Some of you may be happy with the result, some of you may not. As Headteacher of Oakwood High School I really do try to make it my business to be professionally apolitical. It isn’t part of my brief, and I truly think it is inappropriate when some Headteachers do make it their brief (or even beef) to make political points. Why should my leanings be any more valuable than anyone else’s and why should I use my position to ‘spout’?

What I do understand though is that, whatever the ‘colour’ of the party in power; nationally or locally; it is important that I make the best of what that political hue might bring for the children, staff and wider community of and beyond this school. In these times when many are minded to wear their inclinations so obviously and forcefully and when ‘taking a stand’ seems to be the order of the day, I hold on to some realism and some pragmatism.

This school and its community need to flourish, whatever the party in power and whatever the political position that party might take. Policy will come and policy will go, but we will remain. We will stand tall and proud. We will work to achieve quite excellent conditions and environment for our learners (whatever their disposition). We will stand up for, support and challenge our professional colleagues and our parents and carers to be the very best they can be in the conditions that present.

In my time as Headteacher I’ve seen 4 Prime Ministers, 3 Conservative leaders, 3 leaders of the Labour Party, 5 leaders of the LibDems (and a Partridge in a Pear Tree). I’ve no doubt that I’ll see a few more come and go. Over that time, we have managed to navigate a clear and successful route across the educational waters; despite the headwinds on occasions. As ever we will make the best of what the next few months and years might bring; for and with the pupils, the staff and the Oakwood community.

‘Elections exist for the sake of the House of Commons and not the House of Commons for the sake of elections.’ Winston Churchill

‘The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.’ Confucius