Inspire Trust

Education is complicated these days. Long gone are the days when we had simple constructs. To a degree we knew we all knew where we were within those constructs. The central government directed the local government and the local government directed schools and colleges. We are now in a much more complicated educational landscape. That landscape offers us, the schools and colleges which can operate independently and successfully, greater independence and flexibility.

I had the pleasure this week of welcoming a number of colleagues to the trust. The trust is a collaborative of three educational establishments with close connectivity and with close historical links. We serve the same community Those new colleagues will not directly involved in teaching and learning but are charged with ensuring that we all, those who work with children, have conditions and resources necessary to ensure that the provision is as good as possibly can be for the children and young people of this community.

I really felt, whilst working with this group, the sense of being part of something large,r something more significant and something impactful. It was clear that we all will be focused on serving the needs of this community. We talked about the work which we undertake and how we can create the conditions which would allow ourselves to work efficiently, productively and successfully. And in doing this allow for other professionals to work more efficiently, more productively and more successfully; especially those who work more directly with children and young people. Everything we do is aligned directly to the learners we serve.

We talked about a sense of excellence: Excellence as Standard. Not only doing our very best on a daily basis but setting our very best against the best that others can offer. Aiming high and expecting our work to be judged alongside others; those with whom we collaborate and compete.

Towards the start of the long academic year it is heartening to see that we have got a multi-academy trust well established in this community. A multi-academy trust which is able to attract and recruit such highly qualified and motivated professionals for and from across the three institutions. Whatever we do on a daily basis, we do to the best of our ability. The mantra that I share, on occasions: Good…Better…Best. We know we are good, we work hard every single day to be better because we want to be the best and we want to offer the best. 

‘To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.’ Douglas Adams

Thank you all for wanting to be part of what we’re trying to achieve. We can go into the weekend knowing that this week has been another highly successful week within Sitwell Junior School, Oakwood High School and Thomas Rotherham College. Inspire Trust is now set to serve this community and serve it well.